About Brussels hotels and travel

How much do hotels in Brussels cost?

The great thing about having the event on a weekend in Brussels is that lots of hotels are reasonably priced. Brussels gets a lot of business travellers during the week, and so hotels have empty rooms at the weekend. At the time of writing this, you can get a 5-star hotel in March for EUR100 a night - that’s only GBP 70 and so much cheaper than London for example!

Which hotel should I book?

The event will be held at the brand-new Courtyard Marriott Brussels EU! Click here to see more info. It's in a great area close to lots of shops, restaurants and bars, by a metro that takes you straight to the Eurostar terminal and nearby a bus that goes straight to the airport.

We have a limited number of hotel rooms at a special price so please contact us to see if they are still available.

How do I get to Brussels?

By plane
Brussels has an international airport (Zaventem) that you can fly into from anywhere in the world. There is also Charleroi Airport which caters to low-cost airlines. Note that Charleroi is about 30 minutes from Brussels and, although there are busses from there, it adds an extra leg to your journey.

By train
There are trains to Brussels from all over Europe. If you’re anywhere near London, you can take the super-easy Eurostar from Saint Pancras station.

About the event content

Is the program made up of workshops or talks?

Our intention is that everyone leaves with practical steps and tools to grow their businesses, so the program is made up of talks, workshops and expert panels.

Some will be business-oriented like on marketing or product creation and some will be on mindset and energy - we’ll be working on all levels. There will be loads of opportunities to ask the speakers questions about your specific business, too, including in expert panels.

Is No Limits an event mainly for people with spiritual businesses? Will there be enough for me if I’m a web designer / health coach / social media guru?

No Limits is for anyone who wants to have a successful business and use a heart-centred, holistic approach to achieve their goals. If you have an important message to share with the world and are ready to scale your business in order to reach more people, then No Limits is a great event for you.

What’s included in the price?

  • Sessions & workshops with incredible speakers and successful entrepreneurs
  • Thursday evening pre-event networking drink
  • Lunch on Friday and Saturday
  • Coffee and tea during the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

I’m a total business newbie, will there be anything for me?

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurs! :-) Yes, there will be loads for you to learn and experience. Remember that as you build your business you will always have access to more information than you need right at this point. Like with everything, take what you need and can move on now and keep the rest for another time. The information that will be shared during the event will definitely help you build strong foundations for your budding business. Plus you’ll meet lots of people who can help you and support you, and that’s priceless.

I’ve been in business for a couple of years and am relatively successful, will there be anything for me?

Yes! All the information that will be shared during the event will be relevant to you if you’re looking to scale your message, reach more people and create bigger change. Plus there is always something to learn from other successful entrepreneurs - and doing so in a quirky Brussels venue will just add to the inspiration!

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