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no limits vip workshop

The next 10 people who buy a No Limits ticket will get access to a 3-hour VIP online group workshop with Karina and Joanna - that's in addition to the early-bird price of only EUR397 for a 3-day event! During the VIP workshop, we will clear any old patterns and beliefs so that you can show up in your business and in the world as your most powerful self.

You will experience what having no limits actually feels like:

  • deep healing
  • transformation of the underlying beliefs that control your action
  • becoming a higher vibration
  • knowledge of your Self as a powerful being and creator


For your business, this means:

  • more perfectly-aligned soul clients
  • better opportunities 
  • a bigger impact
  • BIG high-vibe energy that attracts everything you're dreaming of

Book your No Limits ticket NOW and receive the expansive no limits energy that moves mountains and creates miracles!

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*** The VIP workshop bonus is limited to the next 10 people who buy a No Limits ticket. The workshop will be held at a date/time that suits all participants, in January/February.

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