Why You Will Love The No Limits Event!

Today I’m sharing the video I made just after I got back after the No Limits Event that Joanna Hennon and I co-created for the first time in March this year. I look so happy and tired in this video! And I can’t wait to share the gifts I received from attending this live gathering. If you are in Europe (or feel the call to travel to Brussels, Belgium to join us) I think you’ll love it. And if not, I hope it’ll inspire you to connect with your tribe live.

As much as I love the online communities and connections, meeting like-minded and inspiring people who are on a mission is absolutely amazing. Meeting the incredible speakers and everyone who attended was one of the best experiences of my life. The energy during the event was so loving, powerful and deeply transformational. It was like being in a miracle vortex! The best feeling ever.

So, I invite you to watch the whole video and let us know what resonated the most for you.

I feel like I’m back again at the event as I watch this video and the truth is – most of us are still in touch. Many of us have created collaborations together, bought each others products and services and recommended each other to our own tribes. I realize that it’s so much easier to recommend someone I’ve spent 3 days with live than someone I’ve only connected with briefly online.

As we all know, the online world is not always what it seems! And when you’ve spent time with someone live and seen them interact with others you get a more complete picture of who they are.

At the No Limits Event you can expect incredibly professional and talented entrepreneurs with a great sense of humour. The beautiful group of soul family that gathered for our first event were a great mix of introverts, extroverts and both very experienced entrepreneurs to beginners. The special glue that connected us all was everyone’s warm, generous hearts and soulful energy.

What a deep blessing to connect with soul sisters who wish to grow a business that serves a higher purpose.

Joanna and I have just started sharing all about the next live event that will take place in Brussels on March 24-26 next year and we would LOVE to see you there. The speakers are exceptional and you will feel so at home in our beautiful group! The early bird price is open until December 1 so make sure you book by then.

Find out all about the event and book your space here. 

Do you wish to get to know us better and see if this is the right event for you? Join us in our amazing Facebook group and attend free training from the speakers (and us!) here.
Sending you so much love and waves of joy!



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