How A Live Event Will Change Your Business

It can be tempting to stay behind your laptop, in your cozy home, in your pyjamas… But is this really what’s going to move your business forward by leaps and bounds?

Successful people report that going to live events is a game-changer, because what you can learn and experience during them cannot be replicated elsewhere.

(James Wedmore says that he attributes his huge success to attending 15 live events in one year…)

Live events have a very special energy – this is not a surprise, when you think about what happens when 50 or 100 super-inspiring people are all in one room… the energy goes through the roof!

And when you consider that you are the average of the people you hang out with, why wouldn’t you choose to hang out with those who inspire, those who have already achieved what you’re still striving for, those who can see the greatness in you because they know what it takes and that you too can do it?

As solopreneurs living in the internet age, we have gotten used to telesummits, online hangouts and conversations over email. But you only need to remember what it feels like to see your best friend to know that nothing can beat that in-person connection.

Making live events a part of your business plan will have many rewards. Read below for just a few of them.

5 ways in which a live event will change your business

1. Develop deep connections

Attend something where you meet people face-to-face and you’ll experience the magic of connection. Yes, Skype is awesome, but it is NOT the same as hugging someone for real and laughing together. The connections you’ll make by meeting people in real life can’t be beat. These are the people who will remember how interesting you are to talk to, who will know for a fact that you are trustworthy, who will be able to feel your energy for themselves. And what does this translate into? People who share your content online, who recommend you to their friends, who think of you when it’s time to organise a joint venture.

The people who are attracted to No Limits, whether as participants, as speakers or as sponsors, are leaders, change makers and powerful message bringers. They are driving change in the online space and in the business space. They are open to infinite possibilities, willing to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things, and look at life and business as beautiful and fun, one big adventure. What would it be like to have people like this in your network?

2. Be part of something bigger

You are not on your own in your work, and you can’t do your best work without community. In the past, everything relied on community. In today’s world we have move away from this, and more towards isolation and individual-centred behaviour… But this doesn’t mean that community is no longer valuable, it’s even MORE valuable in a world where it’s not as common! What’s going to set YOU apart from the thousands of other entrepreneurs sitting behind their laptops, doing pretty much the same thing? It’s the communities you are active in. This sense of togetherness is a huge part of why No Limits is even happening – a European community of heart-centred entrepreneurs is only just coming together and it’s most definitely time for it to become stronger. The people who step up to be part of it will have all this collective wisdom and energy behind their work – much more powerful than just and your laptop at the kitchen table.

3. Let people see you

Attending a live event will boost your visibility like nothing else. Because of the personal connections you’ll make, because you will have taken a stand for yourself and your business, because you will be in an environment where people will be asking you about what you do and why. Everyone can do a webinar from their home – but how many people will leave their comfort zone and let themselves be truly visible at something live? A webinar lasts for an hour, a live event is days. Where do you think can people get to know you better? And don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can only meaningfully talk to so many people at a live event, so your reach is limited. Each of the people you talk to has a network and is a multiplier for your message. And because they met you in person, they feel comfortable multiplying that message. People buy from and recommend people they know, like and trust – what better way to invite people to know, like and trust you than to meet in person and SHOW them?

4. Boost your confidence

There’s something about live events that brings out confidence. Maybe it’s having to tell people about your business all the time, or maybe it’s being part of the powerful communal energy, or maybe it’s something else. It doesn’t matter. And I can’t speak for all events, but I can definitely assure you that you will leave No Limits even more confident about yourself and your work than when you arrived. This year’s speakers were chosen partly for their knowledge and partly for their energy. They already believe that you can do it – yes YOU, the beautiful soul who is saying yes to coming to No Limits and yes to more expansion in your business. They KNOW that when you say yes to something more, magic happens and the doors to infinite possibility open. This means that you will leave No Limits to confidently step into your role as leader, to scale your message and reach thousands more, to change the world. You will KNOW that you are here for a reason and that you chose this path because you’re the right person for it. No more doubt, no more fear, just confident you, moving forward with joy and ease.

5. Raise your profile

Going to a live event makes it clear to the universe and to other entrepreneurs that you’re a REAL PLAYER. Average joe-schmoes don’t go to live events. Leaders do. Those who want to excel at something, who want to learn and connect with other change makers. Those who want to create Big Change for themselves and for the world. By attending a live event, you are raising your profile, it’s as simple as that. You’re becoming part of an elite group of people who are willing to move past their fears and their limiting beliefs, and to step out into the world for real. Not just on Facebook, for real. What does this mean? That when someone is looking to partner with someone, they will think of that conversation you had. When someone is looking to hire someone, they will remember meeting you before they remember what they read on Twitter. That when someone is looking for speakers for a live event, you will come to mind (Yes, I really am saying that if you’d like to be considered as a speaker for the following edition of No Limits, you should come to the event this time. It really is the best way to quickly know whether it would be a good fit!)

Getting out there into the world, in real life, is how you get more traction, how you stand out, how you build something special. Isn’t this what you want?

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