Speaker Interview: Alisoun Mackenzie

Alisoun Mackenzie

No Limits co-creator Karina Ladet interviews the Compassionate Business Mentor, Keynote Speaker and Author Alisoun Mackenzie who will help you turn your passions into profits and make a difference in the world. Alisoun is an experienced international speaker and she shares why live events are so important and deeply transformational. 

We can't wait to have Alisoun as a No Limits speaker - again! Discover her contagious energy and beautiful spirit in this interview and you'll see for yourself how inspiring she is!

Often described as one of the most authentic, inspiring and heart-centered souls you can meet. Alisoun is author of the #02 Amazon Best Seller Heartatude, The 9 Principles Of Heart-Centered Success a popular speaker, trainer, coach, business mentor, EFT & NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist. She’s built a thriving training business and has helped thousands of business owners set up sustainable businesses doing what they love.

Alisoun’s area of expertise is helping socially conscious business owners and entrepreneurs to attract more clients. Alisoun also runs The Heartabiz Hub business network and on-line resource hub, regularly does humanitarian work with genocide survivors in Rwanda and is an avid fundraiser. Prior to this Alisoun had a successful 20-year career in the investment industry and is full of gratitude everyday for being able to enjoy a more authentic and joyful life – living near a beach just outside Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Speaker Interview: Lenka Lutonska


No Limits co-creator Karina Ladet interviews Lenka Lutonska on her long and deeply transformational business journey and why live events - and the deep immersion that takes place - can completely change your business and life. 

We're so excited to have Lenka as a No Limits speaker - listen to the interview and you'll see for yourself how incredibly inspiring she is!

Lenka Lutonska is a 'Get Fully Booked' coach, professional speaker, international trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, founder of Advantage Woman and a passionate believer in every woman's right to have the life and business she truly loves.

She trains the world-class women coaches and helps them to get fully booked with their dream clients.

Having trained and coached over one thousand people to grow their businesses and turn their lives around, Lenka has a profound understanding of what skills and mindsets are necessary to succeed. She is the only UK based ABNLP accredited trainer with a 100% certification score.

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Interview: Lara Waldman - 2016 Speaker Testimonial

No Limits co-creator Karina Ladet interviews the amazing Lara Waldman, one of the speakers at the last No Limits Event, on how the No Limits live event can change your life, and her transformational journey from before speaking at the No Limits Event in March 2016 to where she is now in her business and life.

Lara is an incredibly powerful healer and Abundance Activator. Here pure energy supported us all and helped us release limitations and raise our vibration to welcome more money and financial freedom into our lives. We loved having Lara at our event!

If you are wondering if this event is right for you, watch this video and discover Lara's experience and what she believes is the unique No Limits energy and how it can help you embrace the next level.

If her story resonates and you are ready to say yes to a life-changing event and connecting with other soulful, heart-centred entrepreneurs, click on the button below to book your ticket!

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What to do if you can’t afford it

if you cant afford it no limits

The most common objection to anything, including coming to No Limits, is money. There are lots of people saying things like ‘I would love to come to No Limits but I can’t afford it’.

Here’s the thing: the more you keep saying that, the more it will be true for you. Money is energy and it goes where it is anticipated and expected. Not where its appearance is doubted or even repelled.

If you’re finding yourself saying that you can’t afford to go to No Limits (and you can use this process for anything else you think you want), then I invite you to consider this:

Do you REALLY want to be there? And, more than that, do you CHOOSE to be there?

Because, honestly, you can blame money all you want but money is almost never the actual problem. Maybe you don’t want to go because you prefer to stay home. Or you’re afraid of being too visible? Or you’re worried that everyone else will be way more advanced than you. Or you just don’t want to go, period.

Be very honest with yourself - when you imagine yourself at No Limits, mingling with the speakers, introducing yourself, sharing your story, what comes up for you? Does it feel uplifting and expansive or does it feel a bit flat?

(Karina shared a wonderful guided meditation to help you feel whether this is the event for you right now, in the No Limits Tribe group on Facebook - check it out here)

If you feel awesome thinking about it, then great, keep reading. :-)

You’ve decided that you WANT to go, now decide if you CHOOSE to go. Remember, everything in your life is a choice. Do you choose to be part of No Limits 2017? If so, declare it now and know that you’re going, because you’re willing to do what it takes to get there.

At this point, after you choose to go, put it in your calendar, tell your family and friends that you’ll be away that weekend. And then allow the money for it to flow in. Here are some concepts to help you invite the money you need for this specific goal.

1. Make sure you feel GOOD

If you feel low and like things never work out for you, guess what you’ll attract? Proof that this is true, so more reasons to feel like things never work out for you. If you feel good, you will attract more to feel good about. If you’re not feeling your best, ask this question now: What can I do to feel better right now? Then, go do it. :-)

2. Clear your energy

Money can’t flow in to you if your energy is clogged up with old hurts, resentments, or memories. Take some extra time to clear it all out and make space for money (and other goodness!) to come in. Use your favorite clearing tool, like EFT (search for Brad Yates on YouTube) or Access Consciousness (check out the clearing statement here).

3. Decide what you want to believe about money

This is one of my favourite manifesting tools - simply write out what you wish to see around you and how you feel about it, in lots of detail and in the present tense. Something like “money comes to me so easily, it’s like magic! I feel lucky and abundant every single day. I can’t believe how easy it was to create the money for No Limits! It just came to me, just like that” – expand and develop this using your own words so that it feels GREAT to say it. Then say and write it often, at least once a day.

You may just be surprised at how quickly your reality changes to reflect your new belief! 

4. Ask for what you want, clearly and confidently

Money loves to have purpose, so ask for a specific amount for a specific thing. You’ll know the best way for you to ask – maybe write it down on a piece of paper and burn it or release it, or ask for it  in meditation and feel it coming to you. Don’t spend too much time asking – focus on it coming to you.

5. Take inspired action

This is probably the most important element – take action that feels right to you. After you ask for the amount you want, and you focus on what it feels like to have it and be buying your No Limits ticket (yay!), take action on the ideas that come to you. Don’t stay in the thinking about it phase, do what you’re inspired to do, even if it’s not perfect. It’s the action part that will get money to come into your bank account, instead of it hanging out just beyond what you can see!

This is the exact process that I have used to manifest specific sums of money for courses I wanted, a new car, renovations in my house, and lots of other things. It works. But only if you do it, reading about it won’t help. ;-)

Take action right now: join the No Limits Tribe group on Facebook and tell us, are you in? Are you choosing to be at No Limits in March? We’d love to see you there! ☺

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Speaker Interview: Holly Worton

Holly Worton

No Limits co-creator Joanna Hennon interviews Holly Worton on why mindset is a crucial part of business success, how live events can change your life, and what to do if you're worrying about time and money. We're super happy to have her as a No Limits speaker - listen to the interview and you'll see for yourself how amazing she is!

Holly Worton is an author and business mindset coach for women entrepreneurs. She works with women who are feeling stuck and frustrated because they don't have a steady stream of clients. Holly helps them release their fear of visibility, set aligned prices for their products and services, and take inspired action to grow their business.

It's usually not lack of business or marketing knowledge that holds us back in business. That's all easy to learn. It's our mindset that stops us from creating the business we want. If you've ever struggled with self confidence, self esteem, or even setting prices that reflect your true value, Holly can help. There's a fast and easy way to move past the fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs toward your vision of your ideal business.

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