About us

Welcome, brilliant changemaker!

We’re Karina and Joanna, two European entrepreneurs just like you, aiming to live our soul purpose, create financial freedom for ourselves, change the world, and have lots and lots of fun. :-)

We created No Limits to put Europe on the entrepreneur’s map of the world - we found ourselves dreaming of a European community that would support our biggest goals, that would inspire and educate, that would bring together all the amazing change makers working from our continent, and would attract the world’s biggest names.

Since we’re both channels we checked in with our Spirit Guides and quickly got the go-ahead. It seems that our part of the world is ready for the ‘no more business as usual’ message.

No Limits is about bringing your deepest, innermost wisdom into your business, so that you build your dream from a place of soul power, where there is unlimited potential.

In our work with the spiritual world, we’ve noticed a pattern: nobody ever gets the message to stay where they are or tone down their message.

The guidance is always to scale up, to think bigger, to step into power, to grow.

And this is what No Limits 2017 is all about - giving you everything you need to scale your message and play Bigger than you ever thought possible.

In a heart-centred way, changing the world with kindness and love, and creating more money than ever. No more business as usual!

You will leave this 3-day event feeling inspired, supported and with the knowledge of exactly how to step into this bigger, brighter version of your Self.

You will connect with your purpose, you will be better able to discern which options are right for you, and you will learn to attract the perfect people, projects and opportunities.

Invite flow, ease and joy into your business with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Learn practical business solutions that work for the soul-centered entrepreneur, in areas such as passive income, marketing, sales and content creation.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand or deepen your reach in the world, then No Limits is the event for you.

Head on over to Brussels and you will tap into something bigger and more powerful to support that expansion.

Why? To help you touch more people and fulfil your purpose.

It’s time to connect with more people like you so that together we can change the world.

Expect real-life humans, belly laughs and warm hugs.

Are you ready to shine, thrive and take on the world?

Are you ready to embrace the idea that there are No Limits for you?

See you in Brussels!

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